Saturday, January 06, 2007


At the risk of encouraging skin cancer, I offer some profound advice to all my friends. (Mostly the girls)

Many days we wake up and we feel like hell. Our hair looks like crap, the color just seems wrong, it's too short...or too long. Our body feels out of shape and "ugly"....we feel fat...or perhaps for some "Not curvy enough"...we go through these self doubt rampages and basically say, "I SUCK!"...and our self-esteem is in the toilet.
This is damaging and it is wrong! There are many self help books that can help you see the beauty of who you are and help you love yourself. They tell you many helpful ways to overcome these feelings.
For me, those books don't do JACK! I have had to search deep inside myself and find my own solution. The answer came to me on a cold winters night. GO TANNING!!! Some of you already feel embarrassed at the very thought. You wouldn't be caught dead going tanning. Laying in one of those hot ultraviolet beds, wearing the nerdy goggles, listening to a stereo that has terrible sound, and sucking on a cheap piece of candy. the end of a few of these sessions, you begin to develop some color! And your world feels lighter! Maybe my hair color isn't so bad, maybe my body isn't so bad!? You begin to walk proudly once again and wake up with a smile on your face.
For those who get claustrophobic, or truly fear skin cancer....I offer another option. "SPRAY ON TAN". I love this one. You step into a sort of box/closet (lack of better words) and your in the "BUCK". And you close your eyes....and then it begins. A chilling spray goes up and down you about 5 times. You turn around and it repeats. You step out, wipe yourself off and walllllah! You are a brown betty. It is like a miracle!
My expert advice recommends that you give it a shot! Take a jaunt down to your local tanning salon, ignore the 18 year old snotty girls who work there and they say "Last name!??" with their overly tanned faces. THEN... just do it! JUST DO IT! EVERYONE IS DOING IT! WHY???....because it is the secret weapon to wiping away your blues!
Words of advice: #1 Start out slow...getting burned is not fun. #2 Take a shower when you come home, or no one will want to be around you. You won't smell like flowers. #3 Pretend
your in Hawaii, sipping a Pina Colada...and that makes it even better!
I hope you enjoy this information and it changes your life. I know it changed mine!

ps. If you live in a warm state, IGNORE this message and just go outside!!!