Friday, January 29, 2010

*10,000 MILES*

I live to bring peace, happiness, inspiration, and my fellow men to Christ. One of those ways is through my own eyez and a lenz. Enjoy a small piece of my journey over the last 7 years...the hardest years of my life. These are some of my most "sacred" photos for personal reasons...each has a story, a feeling, a moment in time captured for me and others. I chose them out of hundreds because they speak so acutely of my life and my heart.

Ps. The song is extremely special to me as well and was given to me at a time when I needed something from heaven, that something came through music.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just watched this on my friend Wayne's blog(Thank you so much for posting it Wayne!) and I really don't have words to say how in awe I am of what I saw. The only word is Majestic!!!! If you love Design, Graphics, Photography, and film, you will be mesmerized! It's magical.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

By Alex Roman


If you read my post about the story I have been following, you will be happy to know that little Amos from Haiti made it home into the arms of his loving adoptive parents!!! This is a Post from his blog. Awesome!

"We sit around a FULL dining room table today for lunch. it’s an image i’ve dreamed of for 2.5 years. and it’s hard to believe that day is finally here. when we got home last night, Amos just strolled around the house looking at each room… he loved meeting his brothers, and the reunion between him and Story was SO BEAUTIFUL. she has missed him deeply, as she left Haiti 3 months ago.
last night, Amos asked me, “Papa are you going to go?” i knew he was probably wondering already if/when this would all end, and i would get on a plane and leave him like i’d done 7-8 times before in Haiti. “Not this time, Amos. You live here with us now!” i think he knew what i meant, because the biggest smile filled his little face.
today is surreal. he’s shirtless running around with his Batman cape on, just like Cayden and Deacon do nearly every day around here. the homecoming yesterday was one of the most exhilarating and sacred things i’ve ever experienced. i feel like Jamie and I have seen a richer, deeper side of God’s love, kindness, and faithfulness.
i’ll post more of my thoughts later, but wanted to get the word out to you guys that have been praying and experiencing this journey with us for last couple of years. i think there had to be a couple hundred people at the Austin airport yesterday with signs and balloons and tears. one of the TV reports asked me how it felt to have all these people welcoming us home. i said… this is our family you see around us. most of these people have prayed and longed for Amos alongside us for the last year or so. and we’re so glad they are celebrating and crying with us! we really were OVERWHELMED by our family and friends (and even some we’ve never met personally but hope to some day) that showed up at the airport.

Ps. Do you so love the photo of him in his new plaid shirt and that thumbs up!?? Thumbs up indeed little Amos. Welcome to America!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I turned myself into an Avatar/Emoticon by using the AvatonCreator app on my iPhone. Classic! hahahhah Did I ever say how much I love that stinking phone? It's ACE!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am sooo behind on blogging and hate that I have had no internet for so long except my phone. So much I want to write about.

I quickly wanted to say how much the Haiti earthquake has affected me. It has broke my heart and I have been watching CNN pretty much non-stop for a week. I love those people and wish I could do more to help them. I pray for them day and night and believe that despite the looks of it, God has not forsaken them and miracles will continue to happen now and in the future.

I was especially touched by this particular couple I saw on CNN. Aaron Ivey and his wife Jamie were one month away from getting Amos a child they were adopting from Haiti before the earthquake hit. They were grateful to find out that their little boy, Amos, was alive and in good hands. Now it's just getting him to them. I have been so frustrated to see how many orphans had homes waiting and now because of what has happened, they are stuck there. The government has already scratched some of the paper work for a few handfuls but they need to do it for all of them. Is it okay to let them starve and die instead? Take care of the finished paperwork at a future time, but get those children into safe homes!

Their story

Aaron Ivey is a musician and wrote this song for Amos. (How cute is Amos? That smile!) I love this song! I'm praying for them as I am for their whole country...every man, woman, and child.
Amos's song

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Girls, listen up! I'm tellin' ya right now that if you are tired of your winter white legs and would like to gain a little leg confidence, than go buy yourself a pair of Nylons! I know some of you are probably thinking that the last time you wore any was in High School (because I did) but it's time for them to be a part of your life again! They aren't like they use to be! My sister in law, Sherri, had a pair on and I thought it was just her legs. I said, "What self tanner do you use? Your legs look so pretty!" Mind you, this was at church! And she laughed and said they were Nylons! I had to find out where she got them and what color they were. You will be pleased to know that they are from Target and called Assets. They have some really pretty colors and it feels like your legs just got insta-airbrushed! I bought the color Nude and also Buff. I've only tried the Nude color and I was walking in my dress and looked down and thought, "Damn girl...those are some SEKSI legs!" And trust me, I never say that about my white legs! (I curse my Swiss heritage!)

Anyhow...just thought I would pass on this bit of random information so that if your looking for a little extra swagger in your might be able to find it at Target! ;)

Ps. I hear the brand Spanx is really good too but more expensive.
Pss. These photos my mom took of me before church. It's mostly blurry and the color is totally off (Iphone photo), but I had to capture them on film! 2nd picture was of me about to twirl...yes...twirl! hahahhah
Psss. Heres a video of ZZ top singing "Legs"...I recommend you put it on your's good to walk, jog, or dance too! You go girlz!