Sunday, March 27, 2011

*One day soon*

I love Priscilla Ahn. She's so talented and sweet. Her music reminds me of being little and the way you looked at the world. I actually use some of her songs to put my photographs to. So today, I heard this one and it touched my heart.
I took this photo on May 25th 2010 in my moms yard. Simple & pretty.

Ps. I saw your stars...Four. That was all I needed and more.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Because of my love of books and the insights, thoughts, and beautiful minds that display themselves in those books...I like to write many things down from them. I have lot's of little pads of paper/notebooks/journals that I kind of collect and fill to the brim with musings of what I read, and what I think & feel when I read. Yeah. :) So I think it's important to FEED YOUR BRAIN and FEAST upon the words of others. I talk a lot about journals because writing my own journey has been essential to my own happiness and understanding of life and myself. I guess I think it might do that for you too. Read, write, dream, meditate, hope and let yourself feel whatever comes to mind. :) When you do this, sometimes magical things happen. For realz. :)

The Saviors hope for men is getting them to THINK. "Come now, let us reason together."
~Charles E. Jefferson

"No man can always be right.
So the struggle is to do one's best, to keep the brain and conscience clear,
never to be swayed by unworthy motives or inconsequential reasons,
but to strive to unearth the basic factors involved, then do one's duty."
~Dwight D. Eisenhower
I bought this on Etsy and the stores name is *Scarletfig*

*The light at the end of the tunnel...*

Dear Blog,

Need a new treat? I have the best one for you! I'm not a dark chocolate fan but these are Yummy yum yum! It's Brooksides Acia with Blueberry pieces, dipped in Dark Chocolate. (I think I said that right?! You'll see from the photo.) They only make one other kind, dark chocolate covered pomegranate pieces. I like them too. These are actually good for you...AND for adding a few pounds to your bum bum. *cough cough* ha! My mom found these at Costco and grabbed a couple bags. I was saved and saw the light at first bite! A little pricey but worth every dime! (Right mom? ;) The saddest part is that they are gone in a FLASH! Infact, the brand new bag from about 5 days ago? I just popped the last one in my mouth 1 minute ago. SADNESS! And now I'm done with them. I have to say goodbye. There is no buns of steel video here. It's just me, my amazing will power (ha!) and going back to the plan of less sugar in my diet. I've actually done well the past few months but once March hit, I got crazy. I can tell a big difference in the fatigue struggle that I already deal with daily, so it will be good to back off it and go back to "moderation in all things." *Fingers crossed* :)

Ps. I just read that they Goji fruit too! I have heard so many good things about it! Love to try the future. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

*Peace for Japan*

On Friday, March 11, 2011 an 8.9 earthquake violently struck northern Japan. It also generated a devastating tsunami that wiped out most of city of Sendai. Oh the sadness of it all! To watch it played out on t.v. it's like a movie. I've never seen anything like tsunami! It looked like hell itself was coming after the land and people. I keep shaking my head and saying, "This can't be real." I have prayed for them and will continue to. I asked the Lord, "What is the most important thing that I can pray for?" And in my heart I feel it is that the people will feel a great sense of peace and calmness. In these circumstances this can only come from heaven and each other. Those who are trapped, I pray that they will feel peace until they are either rescued or return home to their Heavenly Father. Right now, that's all that most of us can do...pray and wait.

Before this happened, I had this song in my head all week. In a way I think it's very fitting. "Wait it out" by Imogen Heap. In life sometimes all we can do is other times, it's time to ACT.

Here is also something I watched today. The images are heart breaking. I love my brothers and sisters of Japan. God bless you.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Friday, March 11, 2011

*Wubba Wubba Wubba!!! She's getting married!*

So, I'm so excited to write this post and share how happy I am that my niece, Tiffany aka Wubba, is getting married! She has been dating Josh, for over a year and we just love him. He is a great man of God and takes such good care of Tiffany, we are so happy to have him be a part of our family. They are a great match and not to mention a beautiful one as well! ;) I can't stop thinking about watching this sweet niece of mine grow up and to see the amazing woman she has become. From the time she was little, she was already so full of love, compassion and kindness. I have ALWAYS been so proud of her and the greatest thing of all is that she's not just my niece, she's one of my best friends. I would have never guessed when I was changing her poopie diapers that one day we would be road trippin' together and laughing our heads off about all the things that the best of friends laugh about. We have also been able to talk about the more important things of life for she is deeply spiritual and she has always inspired me. She is an old soul in a 21 year old body and has proved that by the things she has accomplished...most recently a humanitarian mission to Africa.
I love you are my sunshine. :) Congratulations!

Love, Corn Wallace. *wink*

P.s. The stunning photo credits go to Jessica Petersen, one of my favorite people and most beautiful photographers on the whole planet! Not to mention a dear friend of mine. I feel so lucky to know such a beautifully talented person and friend. Thanks Jessica for your incredible & magical work.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

*Last years birthday hurrah!*

Last year I had a birthday. It was fabulous and I'm not being sarcastic. My little sister came out here just to throw the birthday party and because I wanted and needed her at that time...and she did an amazing job. All my closest friends showed up and I just felt so loved. I would have posted these fun photos then, but a little over a week later, Nate died. they are now. Plus, this year I am not celebrating my birthday. I am NOT celebrating my birthday. I have been robbed and I want a few years back. So to protest, I'm going to be hiding under a rock...and throwing rocks (small ones) at anyone who wishes me a happy birthday. Mmmkay?

So here are a few photos from last year. Sadly I can't find most of them (The ones with most of my friends in them)...but I'm sure I will eventually and will post them later.

Ps. Do you see how sincere I look when I'm making a wish before I blow out my candles? The Lord has about two weeks to answer that wish. Do I believe he can do it? YES! But will he? I don't know. *Looking up at heaven and saying, "I deserve it!!!"* :D

Ps. That *MoonStar* was very special to me. It was not a lense flare. It looked like that without a camera. I felt so much peace when I saw it. I think that day and night strengthened and prepared me for a very painful few months that awaited me within days. Thank heavens for my friends and family. It was a great Birthday!
Pss. That is RUM cake! My favorite ever! And now it's my whole family's fave. :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

*Zumba vs. Cross fit

To all my Zumba and Crossfit fans. Can't-cha just get along? Whatever exercise one chooses...ya gotta be your own hero. That's the most important thing. *Wink & a nod*

"We dance and shake our hips. Do you dance and shake your hips in cross fit?"
Ps. I still think walking is best of all the gang OR Wii Dancing with my nieces & nephews. :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Have you heard of the Orabrush!? I'm so excited to get my hands on one. They are sold out everywhere! It will be so nice to have a seperate tongue brush. I'm gonna buy a year supply and put it in our food storage. You should do the same. :D

See, I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm a Halitophobic. Translation? BREATH PHOBIA! I believe that It's important that MINE and YOURS should be top notch. I've always been a firm believer that you should ALWAYS brush your tongue as well as your teeth. It shocks me how many people don't! I saw a photo of a group of people all sticking their tongues out and I swear I almost barfed at what I saw. Brush your teeth & tongue often. I sometimes make my brother in law test mine because he's a dentist. He rolls his eyes and laughs...just a little awkward when your sister in law sticks her face in your face. ha! Then Jen pops up and say's, "I have never smelled you with bad breath." liar. She doesn't want to hurt my feelings. *wink wink @ Jen* Actually my family and I have a pack that if one of us has a problem with our breath we WILL tell that person. See, we have a few MOSTLY older relatives (who I am not in touch with except at funerals)who have Halitosis. One was my grandma...bless her. She's in heaven now, so it's all good. (I can hear her laughing, but I hope it's not because she's going to curse me.) "Love ya Grandma! Your breath smells like heaven!" :D So we keep an eye (and a nose) out for each other. Again, the family motto: "We've got your back!"

So yeah, I actually have had two cavities for awhile now and that can be dangerous on your breath...scares me to death. (I hate the dentist office...ugh!)I brush after I eat or drink anything. Even if I drink a glass of water, I go brush. Bah hahah (jk about the water part.) So, basically this post is just to share my excitement about the newest technology in tongue care. ORABRUSH! Stay tuned on my new skin care find! Wow! *Jazz hands*hahahahah

Ps "You don't have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep." (I didn't really listen to that growing up! Oops.)

*Dreams do come true* Look at those bristles!