Sunday, November 21, 2010


This October was the best month I've had in years. I even found a lucky penny. I could say it brought me luck, but it actually brought me blessings.

October 2010

(Snow represents stored blessings, while rain represents blessings being given.)

"Went on a long walk today...went to cross the road and saw a lucky penny shining in the sun. I usually leave those for others but, as I looked at it closely you could tell that sucker had been run over a 1000 times. I thought to myself, "that penny has been waiting for me! I deserve it!" So I put it in my pocket, smiled, ...and kept walking. Then it started to rain. ha!

Ps. When my friend saw a picture of the penny, she said; "That really does look like it's been run over a million times!" :)

*No one's gonna love you...*

...more than I do. Too beautiful not to post. Great band of Horses song, but even better acoustic version.

Monday, November 08, 2010

*New Fran Healy*

The new solo album "Wreckorder" is A for AWESOME.  This is my favorite song so far.

Dancing in the distance

Breaking through the night

Path of least resistance

Fallen to earth

Gone in the morning

Only to return

Without warning

I should have wished

When I had the chance

Gone like the water

In my hand

I would do anything

Anything for you now

I would go anywhere

Anywhere at all

Don’t wanna lose you

Lose you to anyone

I could be anyone

Anyone at all

Look in the sky

Down by Orion

Below the plough

Cancer sits with the lion

Preying upon

Your seven sisters

Sprawled on the lawn

Playing with Ursa Minor

I wish I could feel like a child again



Everywhere you turn

There’s derision

Glued to the mobile and the television

Sun has gone down

Something breaks the horizon

Moving so fast

Hard to focus my eyes on

I wish you were here

With me tonight

Stuck on the island