Friday, August 13, 2010

*Bright Star/Ben Whishaw*

I watched "Bright Star" last night.  Not recommended unless you are a girl who likes weepy movies.  Ben Whishaw is an amazing actor. Loved the movie...loved him. Great new actor.
"There is a holiness to the hearts affection you know nothing about!"
Ps. I also love that I have found a new poet to study.  John Keats.


  Sometimes you aren't still in love with're in love with the memory of them.  You might think you are.... BUT sometimes its the love that you once had for them.  It most likely wouldn't be the same if it came around again...because people change, our hearts change, our lives change.  It's hard to come to an understanding of that and seperate your feelings from the past and the present.  Some people can't.  This lyric say's it best to me, "can you hear it?  A cry to be free!  Oh i'm forever under lock and key."  They can't let go...they just can't free themselves no matter how hard they try.  (some say that time heals all...I don't always believe that.)

  This song is perfect for sort of understanding that.  I've loved it since High School.  I still don't know how to let go of some of the memories of a couple people I loved...their "ghosts."  Maybe we aren't meant to.  I loved this one boy a handful of years back and he has never left me.  I wish he would...I'm in love with his memory and if he knocked on my door now, it wouldn't be the same...or would it?  I guess I'll never know.
(This is obviously my interpretation.  That's the beauty of get to interpretate it the way you see it or feel it.)

Ps. This is a living "ghost"...not a heavenly one. ;) Or actually It could be someone on the other side of the veil...I guess it's how YOU look at. :)

there's a letter on the desktop

that i dug out of a drawer

the last truce we ever came to

in our adolescent war

and i start to feel the fever

from the warm air through the screen

you come regular like seasons

shadowing my dreams

and the mississippi's mighty

but it starts in minnesota

at a place that you could walk across

with five steps down

and i guess that's how you started

like a pinprick to my heart

but at this point you rush right through me

and i start to drown

and there's not enough room

in this world for my pain

signals cross and love gets lost

and time passed makes it plain

of all my demon spirits

i need you the most

i'm in love with your ghost

i'm in love with your ghost

dark and dangerous like a secret

that gets whispered in a hush

(don't tell a soul)

when i wake the things i dreamt about you

last night make me blush

(don't tell a soul)

and you kiss me like a lover

then you sting me like a viper

i go follow to the river

play your memory like a piper

and i feel it like a sickness

how this love is killing me

i'd walk into the fingers

of your fire willingly

and dance the edge of sanity

i've never been this close

i'm in love with your ghost

unknowing captor

you never know how much you

pierce my spirit

but i can't touch you

can you hear it

a cry to be free

oh i'm forever under lock and key

as you pass through me

now i see your face before me

i would launch a thousand ships

to bring your heart back to my island

as the sand beneath me slips

as i burn up in your presence

and i know now how it feels

to be weakened like achilles

with you always at my heels

this bitter pill i swallow

is the silence that i keep

it poisons me i can't swim free

the river is too deep

though i'm baptized by your touch

i am no worse than most

in love with your ghost

you are shadowing my dreams

(in love with your ghost)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

*I've fallen for...*

...THE NATIONAL...and I'm head over heels.

Monday, August 09, 2010

*The Wanderer*

He said come wander with me love

Come wander with me

Away from this sad world

Come wander with me

He came from the sunset

He came from the sea

He came from my sorrow

And can love only me

Oh where is the wanderer

Who wandered this way

He's passed on his wandering

And will never go away

Come wander with me love

Come wander with me

Away from this sad world

Come wander with me

He sang of a sweet love

Of dreams that would be

But I was sworn to another

And could never be free
(Thanks Jen)

Saturday, August 07, 2010

*I'm as shocked as you are!*

Har Har Har
I've never caught a picture of lightning before...for many reasons.  But the other morning...the heavens were kind.  No tripod and shaky still turned out pretty kool! 

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

*Things we carry, daily*

A few of my friends and I do a photo challenge each month.  This month was "Things you carry, daily."
We carry alot of things on a daily basis as far as emotion. Some of it weighs us down...some of it makes us stronger. It depends on what we do with it.

*Kim's Photo*


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

*Who am I?*

                            *I am half agony, half hope*
No quote ever fit me more.
~ Jane Austin

Monday, August 02, 2010

"Dearest sister..."

I just got an return email from my brother, Randy.  An email in which he starts out with the words, "Dearest sister" and preceeds to reply to a video I sent out and the impact it had on him.  Before I go on, let me tell you who he is. He is not my brother by blood...but my brother nonetheless.  He became a close and instant friend at age 16...when I met him on a trip to visit a friend in California.  My family fell in love with him and he became our brother emotionally.  He has always been someone who has made me feel like a queen.  He has shown such deep love and respect for me as his sister and has helped me become the person I am today.  I have always called him a modern day Moroni.  He fights righteously for freedom and a peaceful world.  Randy is a rare soul...his insight makes one wonder, "Who is this man?" and his writings and language are magnificent. He honors women and has always honored me.  He is open about his weaknesses and his desire to do better, to work harder to bring his life closer and closer to the Saviors. Without him knowing, he has helped me to hold out faithful in waiting for a man with such calibre, valor, and kindness as he has.  A man with a deep respect for who I am...a daughter of God.   Having a friend like him for 20 years is a gift...he is a gift. 

So back to the words, "Dearest sister"...those words brought much emotion to me today.  Those two words had great power on my heart.  All the things I have said above came to mind and I felt hope again that there are still good men in this world.  That just maybe there is someone out there for me who will treat me like he has.  It was also a reminder that I have been blessed much and am seen as someone "dear."

Thank you my brother, thank you so much!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

*Let's have a little respect*

I love this photo. Rare is a person who doesn't have a flippant/snotty/prideful attitude on the different opinions of politics & religion. How SAD it becomes when  one holds resentment or actually rids a friend because of a different outlook or perspective. Those who choose to respect are the wisest among us.
I have had my own moments of feistiness over said subjects and said things I regretted...but I work hard to respect the many views by those I know and love...and those I don't know.  It can be a real challenge for highly opinionated people...but shows character when we love unconditionally.