Monday, January 21, 2008


This isn't the kind of thing you write a blog about unless your me. It's been too funny of an experience to not share with cyberspace.

So I run out of T.P. last night. And I joke around with my sister on the phone about it as we were having a chat. She says, "You don't have ANY?" I say..."NOPE" I start joking about my options and told her I have a couple paper towells so that works until I can get to the store the next day. I wake up...the paper towells are gone and I don't feel good. GREAT! I have NOTHING left. big deal, I'll just jump in my car despite the fact that I feel like 'crap' (no pun intended heh heh) and go grab some. Yeah right! There is a blizzard outside my house! We are being covered with snow and there is no way in hell that my car is going to make it through the Eleventy Billion inches of snow we just got and the plain fact that I can't even see my neighbors house. Okay...Okay...think Kim...think Kim! I snap my fingers! I got it! My little sister left baby wipes last time she was here! That works... I can work with that! Right? Hmm....after the first flush of one of those dealios I knew that if I tried that again I would have a plugged toilet. Sick! I was not going to deal with that. So here I am with my nose running and knowing that I will need to use the porcelain bowl at some point soon. I get desperate and start searching the house for anything. I see the tissue WRAPPING PAPER I have and wonder if I can pull it off. Sigh.
But then, it happens. The door bell rings! That ring can only be one person, MY SISTER! I know her ring! She knows I never answer the door so she rings a certain way....almost like a code. I go to the door and like the fun of getting a doorbell ditcher who just left a present for someone, Lo and Behold...there was a glowing white present for me! BAGS of tissue had been left on my door! The hero had struck again! Her in her white mother four wheel drive had burned rubber through the snow like it was nothin'....and then she was off! BLAZING through the blizzard. God bless her! Seriously...God bless her. :)

Side note: I don't really like the brand she brought me. When I was little I saw a little moth on the ground outside my house. I picked it up and the dust from it's wings came off on my finger. My friend told me that now the moth was going to die because I had touched it's wings. Anyhoo....when I touch the tissue it leaves dust on my fingers and now I'm going to have nightmares that I killed that moth that summer day. :( (Thanks alot Stacey!) But beggars can't be choosers and I'm not complaining! I wrote my sister a little text that said "Thank you so much!"...she texted me back and said "Your welcome pee pee" ahhahahha LOL. My sisters a STAR! No....she's a ROCKSTAR!