Monday, August 03, 2009


On Saturday my friends and I went to IKEA to just browse around. That's always a favorite thing to do and I love getting ideas for future home decor. Halfway through our jaunt we decided to test out some chairs. Actually, half the fun is testing everything out! Those things include; laying on beds, sitting on couches and swinging around on chairs. By doing this, we found a chair called the "Poang" chair. Can I just tell you how COMFORTABLE they are!?! You would not expect it by looking at it but it is a DREAM. It rocks back and forth and has a footstool that you can buy with it. I think we rocked away for 20 minutes and all made the decision to get one. They had different styles of both the wood and the padding (why does padding sound like the wrong word? Oh's late! haha) I chose the green one with the "beech" wood. I haven't purchased it yet, but it's the first thing I'm getting for my mini-front room. So awesome! I showed a picture of it to my sis today and she just stared at it with no response. You could tell she didn't think it looked very "KOOL" but wait until she sits in it...that is if I even LET HER. :)

Can't wait to get one, it really is amazing.