Friday, March 12, 2010

*These are a few of my favorite things...part 1*

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things..."
Part 1

These are a few of my favorite things I would like in my future home. I have several more photoz that I have saved but they are suddenly hiding in my massive archives of photoz. :) I will hopefully remember to add them later.

I LOVE this chandelier! It is sooo beautiful! Above a table is perfect for it along with the light pink plates, candles, and beautiful flowers on the table. As for the chairs? Nope, not my style. ha! (Maybe in a different color?)But the room has a beautiful light and airy feel to it and I love that. (If you look to the right you can see a darker pink chest? I like the idea of two different shades of pinks. Just beautiful!

Ok, I LOVE this heart made of polaroid photoz! And it's perfect over the bed like that. Someday I will do that and the pictures will mostly be of me and my sweetheart...Lewis. hahahah Actually hopefully a different sweetheart. ;)

I WILL have my own little library room someday. I refuse to download books online because I want the hardcovers to fill the shelves. :) I love this idea of having a wall with old book pages and then a couple little shelves that holds my favorites oldies but goodies.

Ps. Do you see the white book with green on it? It say's KIM! It's a sign! :)