Monday, August 02, 2010

"Dearest sister..."

I just got an return email from my brother, Randy.  An email in which he starts out with the words, "Dearest sister" and preceeds to reply to a video I sent out and the impact it had on him.  Before I go on, let me tell you who he is. He is not my brother by blood...but my brother nonetheless.  He became a close and instant friend at age 16...when I met him on a trip to visit a friend in California.  My family fell in love with him and he became our brother emotionally.  He has always been someone who has made me feel like a queen.  He has shown such deep love and respect for me as his sister and has helped me become the person I am today.  I have always called him a modern day Moroni.  He fights righteously for freedom and a peaceful world.  Randy is a rare soul...his insight makes one wonder, "Who is this man?" and his writings and language are magnificent. He honors women and has always honored me.  He is open about his weaknesses and his desire to do better, to work harder to bring his life closer and closer to the Saviors. Without him knowing, he has helped me to hold out faithful in waiting for a man with such calibre, valor, and kindness as he has.  A man with a deep respect for who I am...a daughter of God.   Having a friend like him for 20 years is a gift...he is a gift. 

So back to the words, "Dearest sister"...those words brought much emotion to me today.  Those two words had great power on my heart.  All the things I have said above came to mind and I felt hope again that there are still good men in this world.  That just maybe there is someone out there for me who will treat me like he has.  It was also a reminder that I have been blessed much and am seen as someone "dear."

Thank you my brother, thank you so much!