Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*Post surgery 2*

So, it's been over two weeks now that I've been home from my surgery.  I guess I knew it would take some time to get on my feet again but it's still sore and I've been really weak.  At least I don't have to roll and cringe when I get into bed anymore AND I've been able to sleep a bit more...which is rare.  On the flip side...I still can't eat.  I wake up nausitated (sorry people who are pregnant...not fun!) It last until about 2pm.  I have to choke down something before then.  I've lost some weight and my butt looks cuter in my that's kool! (that's my positive thinking ;)  Other than that, I really am grateful every day to still be here.  I'm looking forward to a full recovery in more ways than one.  I think my boats are docked. :)