Sunday, November 21, 2010


This October was the best month I've had in years. I even found a lucky penny. I could say it brought me luck, but it actually brought me blessings.

October 2010

(Snow represents stored blessings, while rain represents blessings being given.)

"Went on a long walk today...went to cross the road and saw a lucky penny shining in the sun. I usually leave those for others but, as I looked at it closely you could tell that sucker had been run over a 1000 times. I thought to myself, "that penny has been waiting for me! I deserve it!" So I put it in my pocket, smiled, ...and kept walking. Then it started to rain. ha!

Ps. When my friend saw a picture of the penny, she said; "That really does look like it's been run over a million times!" :)