Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. This idea of being able to express your opinion is what broadens minds and opens the heart. But I think there are times when things are taken WAY too far. I'm sure we have all seen and felt the rumble of voices rising around every corner over President Bush and his "hood". :) The hatred, the venom, the spitting the spewing! "President Bush sucks rocks!" Its really come to the point where it is completely comical to me. Are we foolish enough to believe that we are changing society by ranting and raving? Of course I believe there are moments in time when good men and women must stand to their feet, or step up to the plate. They must speak up and help those who can not help themselves. But when you choose to shake your fist into the sky and point the finger, you might want to turn that finger right back at yourself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but guess what? Your wasting your time. The world we live in, is not a one man show. It is run by HUMAN beings...with human frailties. They, with their own private burdens, are probably doing the best they can. If not, they certainly don't learn by a culture and society of criticizers. If I had a penny for every mistake or weakness that I had, I would be filthy rich! We ALL would! Because *that* is the world we live in. It is full of turmoil, chaos, and imperfect people.

I try to remind myself that God has not lost control of his universe! And with that in mind...perhaps I might want to think about whats happening in own my mind and heart. I am convinced that by changing your own life...you can change a family. And by changing a family...you can change a community. And yes....when you change a community, you can change a nation or a world! Its like becoming a smooth stone, cast out upon a glass lake. And it skips...and the ripple effects go on and on and on!

Here's a word to those who think they are "wise"...your mouth sounds better when it's closed! Be an example, change yourself, be ACTIVELY engaged in a good cause. But spare the world your spit and spew. Heaven knows...we could truly do without it.