Sunday, February 11, 2007


There is a story of a man who was playing basketball with his friends. He loved basketball and just finished a good hard game. As he and his friends began to leave the game, they heard him say out loud, "I did my best". Not knowing exactly what he was talking about...they assumed he meant the game. Within moments he fell to the floor and stopped breathing. His friends tried to revive him, but to no use. At that moment..he passed away.

I believe that the man was not talking about the game. You know when many people have near death experiences and they say their lives past before their eyes? Perhaps this was the case...and in that moment, he saw his life and was able to say, "I did my best".

The pressure to be perfect in this world is horrific. I wasted so many years feeling guilty for my weaknesses...that were common weaknesses of all people. There was no need to be so hard on myself. That is not the Saviors way. He doesn't count mistakes...he counts efforts. I believe that when we pass over into the eternitys, one of the things that will shock us most, is his mercy. This is not justification for sin, but instead encouragement...that we do NOT have to be perfect.

At the end of my life....I don't want to look my Heavenly Father in the eyes and say, "I tried to be perfect". I simply want to proclaim, I DID MY BEST!

Kim CuRtis. *2007*