Saturday, May 26, 2007


I always say how important is to go back to your roots. My perspective on what that means is this, To go back and think about where you came from, the neighborhood you grew up in, how you viewed things when you were you saw the world. Forgetting, even for a small moment, the struggles you faced in your future and how your views changed from the innocent sweetness of a pure mind.

I grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It was lovely. In my mind, I lived in the prettiest neighborhood. We had an orchard in our back yard and I loved it! There was a ditch by the side of my house where water ran sisters and I had good times playing in that. I loved to ride my bike with my neighbors, during which time we often played "Cops and Robbers" (I have no idea why) I was always the cop and found myself throwing all of my friends in "jail" by chaining them to the boat we had...which had a large chain on it. It got wrapped around them once and hooked to the other side. At that point, I would continue to take off riding my bike while there. (SO DUMB) It was usually my little sister who got "locked up" the longest....I bet she sat there and wondered why her sentence was longer than others. heh heh :)

Across the street there were Rasberry fields. I remember Mrs. Logan asking us if we wanted to help pick them and put them in baskets. I LOVED doing that. I actually remember being chastened for eating more than I was "gathering". That makes me laugh. Rasberries are my favorite fruit up to date.

I remember how much I loved walking to my best friend Tammy's house. She lived about 6 blocks away, but I never remember my mom being worried. Things were different back then...I always felt safe in that little town for some reason. On the way to Tammy's there were always flowers in front of peoples houses. Mostly the "older" people. I took time to stop and smell them...(something we forget to do these days) and I remember just being happy. Sometimes I would even skip some of the way.

I loved the way the air smelled during spring (I guess we notice more when we are little), going for rides in my brothers MAROON Trans Am. (He was so kool...playing the Bee Gees with his butt cut hairdo.) Laying on my back, on my neighbors trampoline...looking and listening to the Willow Trees that surrounded it. Making mud pies with Jen (why do little kids do that? I had no desire to grow and be a Potter for crying out loud!), my dad making breakfast on sunday mornings while listening to country music, .... and the list goes on and on.

So on really hard days...I try to go back to my "roots" in my mind. Or do something that might bring back those feelings. Once in awhile I will even go back to PG...spend some time walking around or just drive through all the places that were special to me listening to old music.
I just think it's important. Even if you didn't love the place you grew up...I promise there are things that will make you smile when you remember them.