Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Heaven knows how much I love my nieces & nephews. I love their guts out! And there isn't one of them that doesn't know it. I'm sure I'm Bias, but I'm 100% sure that they are the koolest ones on the earth. Everything that comes out of their mouths is both funny and clever. They are ALL total pills, pozers, smart alecs, and they are all smart as a whip! To add to that, they are deeply spiritual souls.

Sometimes I wonder where they come up with the things they say. I am often caught off guard at their words or actions. I have spent a lot of time in my life writing about some of their more "choice" words and experiences. I am the family historian. I didn't choose to be...it just kind of fell upon me. I was given the encouragement at age 15 to keep a book of rememberance. I did...and now I have at least 20 under my belt. My nieces and nephews are also aware of this. And sometimes they will throw something out there in hopes that I will add it in there. Here is an example from this weekend...

We were walking down the lobby in the hotel hallway so we could head for the lake. (We stayed at a resort on Lake Mead). My two nephews walking in front of my sister and I. They were mostly causing commotion which they always do...smacking eachother and such. Jaxton turned around and started walking backwards...he was talking to his mom and said, looking at me, "Mom, Aunt Kim is my DREAM GIRL!" *raised eyebrow" !!!??? He is SEVEN years old for crying out loud! My sister and I could not help but laugh...especially since he is the biggest pill out of all boyz. And THEN... without skipping a beat, he said "Are you gonna write that in your journal?" LOL ha!!!! My sis and I were cracking up. Bless his heart.

The thing is...of course he was being silly with me. But like all my nephews, they are acutely aware of their Aunt Kim. They seem, in their own ways, to be protective of me. They have this way of knowing when I'm struggling or hurting. Even when my face would not give off that impression. And somehow they always seem to know when I need a little something from heaven. And obviously, one of them, a little seven year old...knew when I needed to feel like I could be seen as someones "dream girl". :)

I'll never forget that, never. :) And yes...it's going in the journal. :)
My nieces and nephews are the greatest blessings to me. I love them more than words can say. And I especially love when they go home with their parents at the end of the day. :D
(The photo is of Jaxton...the one I speak of :)