Saturday, September 15, 2007



Heaven knows that my older sister has always been a tough mother scratcher. My days of youth were often filled with her punching me in the arm because I had caught her kissing her boyfriends and was …well…a tattletale. It was her way of threatening me NOT to tell…and it usually worked. Instead I would cry out to my Hello Kitty journal that she was going to get pregnant (even though I had no idea how that worked ha!) and that she was a jerk!

But I never knew how tough my sister really was until one fine day. My sister was being harassed in Jr. High by another girl. The girl was obviously jealous of my sister, as was I. I mean, my sister had bleached the hell out of her hair and it was fluffed out in every direction like the girls on Xanadu! Her hair and her silvery lipstick was a sight to behold. She was an 80's dream! I envied her argyle sweaters, Jordache jeans, legwarmers, and pretty in pink dresses. Her middle name was KOOL and everyone knew it.

This particular girl who decided to bully my sister wore a daggered ring the size of TEXAS! And was often pushing it in my sister's face…threatening to cut her. The mirrors in the bathrooms were covered with cruel words towards my sister and there was often name calling as she walked down the halls. To add to this, our telephone was often receiving prank calls, once again threatening her with THE RING and all sorts of profanities. It was cruel and I'm sure it hurt my sister…it hurt all of us. Nobody wants to watch someone you love be bullied.

And finally, one day, it had gone too far. My parents had had enough of it all. They had watched my sister suffer long enough. And being the small town folks that they were…they decided to help my sister take hold of the situation in a proper manner. My dad was gonna teach my sister how to beat the CRAP out of this girl! I was sitting on the kitchen counter, wide eyed, watching my dad show my sister how to throw a punch! I still remember his words; "Next time she starts harassing you, you say to her..."look, I don't want to fight!" Turn as if your gonna walk away and then turn back around and POW!!!" My heart was racing as I heard this, was my sister really gonna do it? What happened if THE RING came out? What if my sister didn't have a face after that? I was worried and excited all at the same time.

The next day, sure enough, the girl came a bullying! She had her friends gathered around her and as she shot off her mouth about wanting to fight my sister, a small group had gathered. I'm surprised there wasn't a chant ringing out "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
My sister knew what she had to do. Then came the rehearsed words, "Look, I don't wanna' fight!"….and then it happened. My sister hit that girl so hard that she flew to the ground. She lay there in shock and then began to cry like a little baby. Oh what a sight it must have been!!! I wish I would have been there Cheering my sister on! Video taping it so that someday I could put it on Youtube! This girl proved to be nothing but someone who could talk the talk...but not walk the walk!! And my sister? She was a star! I bet her blond hair didn't move a inch with all the hairspray in it! It stood it's ground...just like my sister.

It wasn't long before both girls were hauled off to the principal's office and suspended for a couple days. I remember my parents being quite pleased with the outcome, as was I.

The moral of this story is, don't mess with my sister…EVER. She has no desire to fight anyone for any reason. She's a lover not a fighter. But if it comes down to it…she will kick your A$$!
(The picture at the top shows an example of Pam's hair. But it was mild that day! I call the picture "Trailer trash". God bless us.)