Friday, October 05, 2007


You know, recently I've been reading my friends blogs...all about their children & being mothers & fathers and all the sweet and funny things that their lives entail with being a parent. It's so fun to read and kind of twilight zone for me. I mean...I'm still in the same spot most of them left...uh...ten years ago? Yeah. So on occasions I feel a bit left out. Not because I want to be a mother (sorry I have to be honest!) heaven knows that wasn't the plan for me. But God gave me a taste of motherhood...and I am going to talk about my cats in the same language my friends talk about their kids. I think this will be a laugh. :)

I am the mother of three cats. Two planned and the other....well, not planned. Their names are Lewis, Lily, and Cray. My roomates and I went to a corn maze about 7 years ago and found a little kid standing there with a box of baby kitties. It had been raining and it looked like they hadn't been fed or taken out of the box in days. I found the one I wanted...but Val, my friend, found a different one. So we took them both. And long story short that's where Lewis & Lily came from. As for Cray, he was my moms cat during the time that I had ECT. My mom was staying with me while her home was being built and she was taking care of me during these procedures. But once her house was finished she abandoned Cray. I have three, and am the official CAT WOMAN. I am unashamed. The mockery has known no bounds...but I take it with a grain of I am raising such special spirits. (bah hahhaha) no, really they are. :)

Lewis is the king of the house. He truly is "King Lewie"...he rules the other cats and is joined at my hip. He will NOT leave me. If I walk into the does he. If I take a does he. (He has to be in the covers with me) If I say something to him he immediatley meows back and has serious attitute! But I have always seen him as my little protector. (He has a weight problem right now...but we have that under control.)

Lily is the mute of the family. My siblings joke that she is a little bit "Off"...this is offensive to me and I know it is to Lily too. (Just because she is a cat doesn't mean she is DEAF) Although there was a time when she would go to lick her paw and instead be licking at the air. Those days have past and she has grown much. She is the best at opening drawers and my cuboards. (She will claw at my sock drawer and pull socks out until it's just the right size for her to climb in and sleep. She also hides in places I never would have thought of and I am always yelling "Lilllllllllllllllly" to try and find her. She's not very obedient and stays where she's at until I find her or she decides to come out. But she is loving and her meow is the cutest ever. It's barely audible but so stinking cute. Lewie and her are best palz and they cuddle all the time. Except for when he wants to go to sleep ALONE. Then his meow is so rude! and she leaves him alone.

Cray. Oh funny Cray. My mom always called him the Texas Ranger...and that he is. He is always running about the house like he's on a horse! He tackles Lily all the time and she hates it. She will hiss at him...but it doesn't stop him. He want's to play with her and she's does NOT want to play with him. He get's a bit rough with her and I often find black poofs of her hair randomly around. Bless her. ;) But I am working on this with him and trying to teach him to be kinder to his siblings. :) I'm pretty sure he's part dog. In the morning he flops on his back and wants his belly rubbed. He also has chinese eye's and so his nick name is "Cray Pey"...sounds kind of chinese...or japanese...right? :D

All in all they are wonderful children...I mean kitties. I adore them! So much...that I go through boxes of Kleenex every few days. (I am completely allergic to joke!) But they are a DELIGHT FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE...and worth every tissue! How lucky I am to be their guardian.