Sunday, October 28, 2007


As always my nephews are the starz in my life always making me laugh and ponder their curious, clever, and intuitive minds. The last couple weeks it's been Kaul & Bleu who have taken center stage. Jen is always emailing me funny photos and things that they say...and I am always laughing my head off. Here are a few recent conversations they have had;

A couple weeks ago Bleu said to Jen, "Those are some big rocket ship tummys!" And she was like "What?" and he repeated it. And then she realized he was talking about her "Ta Ta's" LOL ha! She was fully dressed and everything. :) hahhahaha (she will probably kill me for writing this in a blog!)

Then Jen was babysitting some other kids from her ward and the little kids were calling her Sister Packer. And Bleu was getting in their faces like a little bully (he's TWO) and saying "She's NOT Sista Packa!" ha! (you have to know his little voice for this to be super funny. He's really small for his age and some people assume he doesn't talk very well...but then he spurts things out and is hysterical! Later on that day I asked him what HIS name was and he said "Sista Packa". hahahha We were dieing laughing.

And on a more serious are two special things that the boys said about me, their Aunt,
One day I was very very sick. I know that Jen knew about it. I still don't know if they overheard her saying something about it to maybe Joe or something. But she later told me that Bleu kept walking around the rest of the day saying, "Kimmy will be safe" over and over. I know these little ones are still cloesly linked with heaven.

Also the other day Kaul said to Jen, "Mom, Aunt Kim is sad alot, huh?" and Jen said..."Yes honey, she is." And he said..."I think it's because she doesn't see me enough. I make everyone happy!" And he does! I love these little guys, I'll never be able to say it enough.

(Here are some recent photos from their wards "Trunker Treat"...obviously dressed from the movie "Nacho Libre" :D And one Jen sent me of Bleu giving Kaul a dirty look while Kaul was holding Henley. :)