Monday, May 26, 2008


So over the last month, I found out that someone got a hold of my debit card and have been robbing me right under my nose. I hadn't been getting my bank statements although my bank said they had been sending them. Long story short, I just thought I wasn't balancing my funds right because I kept coming up with a couple hundred dollars short. WELL...we found out that over the last 60 days almost 2 grand had been stolen my my tiny bank account! Theives! Why didn't they get Paris Hiltons credit card!? It's not like her and "Tinkerbelle" need another outfit.

So after working with my bank and filling out fraud papers at the police station, I was still left with very little fundage. But thankfully my mom helped me out AND a camera I had sent back (mine is broken) returned the money at just the right time!

So feeling under the weather about this whole deal and a few other things, I decided to do a little online shopping today with my "fundage." (I'll be damned if someone else uses my money!) Which definitely brought a ray of sunshine like it does for most girls. I'm going to share my two favorite things I got. My 60's smimsuit and some kool addias kicks. :)