Friday, May 09, 2008


Today my little sister, Jen, sent me an email and this is what it said,

"Yesterday this cute thing happened to Kaul and Bleu. I was in the kitchen and Kaul came running in and said "Mom come out here you've got to see this!!" So I came out and there was this butterfly just hanging out on our lawn. At first I thought he might be hurt, but he wasn't. He climbed up on Kauls shoulder and let him hold him. It was so sweet, it was such a special experience. Kaul said " He must have come to see Kim, but he got lost so he came to say Hi." It was so cute !! It was also cool because that day in preschool they had been learning about butterflies.

Love you, Jen"

This is really special to me because my nephews & nieces know how special Butterflies are to me and that they represent something special in my life. :)

*Jen took this photo in Las Vegas. April 8, 2008