Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Okay, so I just can't get myself to blog anymore. I'm kind of over it. ha! I've taken to my journals again where I get to write my secrets and stories maybe to be read to a future generation...or not. :) Here's a quick rundown before I take a continued break from THE BLOG.

~ I moved and it's been good...mostly. I now live under many trees and not a dustbin. I have no more allergies and my cats are as happy as can be. We all sleep in the same room and they barely disrupt my sleep. :) I leave my window open at night to listen to the crickets and the sound of the leaves blowing. Too bad fall is here...it was too cold to do that last night.

~ I went to visit Jen and Joe in Loma Linda, CA. I had such a great time with them and the kids. I even got my "Wig Busted" while I was there. Bah hahhaha I have lot's of cute pictures of my trip...maybe I'll post a few of them...or maybe not.

~ Lewis got really sick and almost died. He has some kidney problems. Right now he is doing much better and I am hoping it stays that way. I love that little guy...even when he's grumpy. :)

~ My health has improved since moving. NOT TONS...but a little. And heaven knows how much I appreciate that. Fingers crossed for it to continue.

~ I got an iphone and I'm in love with it. Way better than a boyfriend. :) I sit with it all night and am starry eyed. It's magical. ha!

~ Pam and I threw a Chinese party last weekend. It was awesome! So fun to reunite with some of my greatest friends ever. And can I just say how totally awesome Pam and I are party throwing? We rock! :)

~ After over ten years of not drinking soda, I now drink a coke a day. I gave it up years ago because I always felt like crap and I noticed what a big difference it was to just stick to water and juices. Well...those days are over. I still don't crave it...but it has helped with the nausia that comes with my migraines and also on the days when I am severly fatigued. I feel like such a rebel...it's awesome! ha!

Yip...that's about it. There are a handful of other things but I think that suffices for the time being. :)

Peace out.

Ps. I think I'll do a "This month in photoz" before I continue my break from the blogging world.