Saturday, September 26, 2009


One song can bring such a powerful crushing memory to the mind in a split second. It doesn't help when the song is on repeat in your mind and you can't make it go away. A certain lyric made me wonder if a sacrifice in behalf of another is worth the pain and the price. Is carrying someone through those DEEP black waters to eternal shores, in hopes to rescue them worth it? I've always had a deep desire to love, help, and in a sense be an instrument in the Lords hand to help heal and inspire those who feel so lost. Those who feel they are drowning. I realize how it has made my life rich and beautiful and yet it has brought a pain that is unspeakable. I guess the question I'm asking myself is if what I did at a paticular moment in my life was worth it. Tonight...I don't think it was. Maybe in the next life I will.