Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last year I spent the whole of Autumn and Winter trying to find boots that I liked. My sisters both know the sorrow I felt at not finding a single pair that caught my eye. I was downtrodden and depressed as I obtained nothing but a fruitless search. The seasons went quickly and suddenly I find myself back to Autumn...and THE LIGHT HAS COME! Kind of. I have never seen SO many amazing boots in all my life. (Drama)...honestly! Everywhere I look I think, "I WANT THOSE! Those are the ONES! They are everything I've been looking for!" There's just ONE small problem. All the ones I want are rediculously expensive! And I can in no way justify buying them.

Growing up mom always took us school shopping and I was the one who never seemed to find anything I liked. I would go through the store with nothing that caught my eye....but THEN a moment would come when my heart would begin to sing and it was like the angels illuminated one paticular thing! It was ALWAYS the most expensive thing in the store. It drove my mom crazy. She still brings it up. "Somehow you always picked the most expensive thing." *shrug* Was it my fault? It's not like I went around looking at price tags! I guess I just have expensive taste. And so it is today...I have not changed. I have a love affair with shoez (most girls do) and I can't help but covet many of them. Now, now, don't you lecture me or judge me! You know you all have something you love like this! My guy friend recently told me that he only buyz DIESEL JEANS! Um hello! Those babyz are not cheap! We all have something we love! For me it's shoez and sometimes I would give my left foot for some! (Pun intended) Bah hahahhahaha

So yeah, I can't have any of these, but I would like to post them simply so I can remember how beautiful they are. Maybe Santa Claus will bring a pair? I highly doubt it...last year I got socks! Close enough? Hell no!
ps. Okay, so I did buy one pair of boots last month. It took my life savings but they are sooo worth it. Mwahhahahah