Tuesday, October 27, 2009

*My heroes"

I'm not sure If I have ever posted this video that I made on my personal heros who have endured depression and some who continue to. But it never hurts to share it again. I love these people so much...and anyone who has to bare this trial. Everyone of these men and woman left a HUGE mark on this world and are creative and gifted beyond words. I honor them, salute them, and respect them beyone my power to express. Many of them now rest from their labors in the arms of their Heavenly Father and truly are victors in the Kingdom of heaven and on earth. I have gained courage and hope from them to continue to fight a brutal battle.

Here are the names of those who are on this video. But they ended up not being in order. I also added a couple.

Virginia Woolf, Elie Wiesel, Abraham Lincoln, David Hyrum Smith, John Denver, Job of Old, Rainer Maria Rilke, Florence Nightingale, Mark Kozelek, T.E. Lawrence, Vincent Van Gogh, Greg Hanson, Emily Dickinson, Mark Haskin, Richard Dreyfuss, Sarah McLaclan, Winston Churchill, C.S. Lewis, Andy Gibb, Jeremiah of Old, Annie Lennox, Victor Hugo, Owen Wilson, Nate Larson, Edgar Allan Poe, Stewart Burnside, and my precious friend, Benjamin Thomas. Rest in peace my friend.

Please feel free to pass this along to those who might need to know that they don't suffer in vain.