Sunday, November 08, 2009


With the hundreds of remedies I've tried over the years to help my depression and anxiety disorder, I came across something called 'Cranial Sacral Therapy'about 6 years ago. I'm pretty sure my sister had heard about it suggested we try it. It was VERY interesting. I don't think a person could truly understand it unless you've done it. And I know for a fact I can't explain it to anyone. I had a very positive experience with this therapy, at least it was the best at the time that actually made me feel like I was being helped and healed in a sense. It was also very spiritual which is strange to say if once again, you haven't experienced it. I've been thinking of going back and having it done again. I also have thought that in the future I might like to practice this. It was pretty amazing. Anyhow...if you want to read up on it, the Wikipedia gives you the jest of it. I'll probably add a little more to this post later...but I'm tired and signing out for the night. :)

Ps. I'm adding this little video that I watched and felt the lady did a pretty good job explaining it. I'm sure I will find a better one and replace this one.