Sunday, November 29, 2009


The little girl who started it all, Shaelyn. :) Is she cute or what?!!


If you know me, my family, or my friends at probably know that we call each other, Sophie or Soph. Why?'s an odd story and I don't know how to connect it all...but I'll try. :)

In my early 20's there was a little girl in my family church ward that I adored. And at the time I had never seen a cuter little girl besides my own nieces. Something about her captured my heart and she always grinned at me. Her mom and Dad were a young married couple and usually sat near me in church. They also adored her (obviously) and we all laughed when she would do something funny or not funny...everything she did was just cute. Her name was Shaelynn. I offered to babysit her for them the next time they wanted to go on a date. They were so happy and grateful and they took me up on the offer a few times. I loved it! She was so fun and a very easy little girl to watch. One night I took her back to her parents and as we were walking in they greeted me at the door along with their little white dog, Sophie. When Shaelyn saw this dog, her whole face lit up...she was so excited at the thought of getting to play with her. But quickly her mom said, "No, you need to go to sleep now and you can play with Sophie tomorrow". A look of horrow came over her face...she was standing up and with great drama threw herself on the carpet and yelled "Ohhhhhhhh Sophie!!!!!!" in the funniest, cutest, most dramatized voice ever. I had to cover my mouth so I didn't die laughing. I mean, this wasn't sadness...this was the true DESPAIR of a two year old. And then her mom and dad laughed and I left laughing all the way home! Olivia never laughed...but started to cry. :(

From that day on, I told the story to several people because I was quite good and mimicking her voice and it was so funny. People thought it was funny too or I was funny for my efforts in trying to mimick it! ha! Every time one of us (friends and fam) were feeling overwhelmed or sad, we would cry out...Ohhh Sophieee!!!! It was the only real way to say how they/we were feeling. hahahha And then one day...well...people started calling me Sophie. And from there, it some how evolved into me calling my sisters and two closest friends Sophie or Soph. It's the oddest thing if I really think about it. I don't remember the last time I called my sisters PAM or JEN. It's SOPH!...when we text or call each other or even see each other in person, it's, "Hey Soph! How are you Soph? I love you Soph!" *Shrug* It's just more of an affectionate love really is. A name by any other name is not the same! hah :)

Ohhhhh Sohhhhhhhhhhhieeeeeeeee!

And there ya have it! :)