Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Girls, listen up! I'm tellin' ya right now that if you are tired of your winter white legs and would like to gain a little leg confidence, than go buy yourself a pair of Nylons! I know some of you are probably thinking that the last time you wore any was in High School (because I did) but it's time for them to be a part of your life again! They aren't like they use to be! My sister in law, Sherri, had a pair on and I thought it was just her legs. I said, "What self tanner do you use? Your legs look so pretty!" Mind you, this was at church! And she laughed and said they were Nylons! I had to find out where she got them and what color they were. You will be pleased to know that they are from Target and called Assets. They have some really pretty colors and it feels like your legs just got insta-airbrushed! I bought the color Nude and also Buff. I've only tried the Nude color and I was walking in my dress and looked down and thought, "Damn girl...those are some SEKSI legs!" And trust me, I never say that about my white legs! (I curse my Swiss heritage!)

Anyhow...just thought I would pass on this bit of random information so that if your looking for a little extra swagger in your step...you might be able to find it at Target! ;)

Ps. I hear the brand Spanx is really good too but more expensive.
Pss. These photos my mom took of me before church. It's mostly blurry and the color is totally off (Iphone photo), but I had to capture them on film! 2nd picture was of me about to twirl...yes...twirl! hahahhah
Psss. Heres a video of ZZ top singing "Legs"...I recommend you put it on your playlist...it's good to walk, jog, or dance too! You go girlz!