Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am sooo behind on blogging and hate that I have had no internet for so long except my phone. So much I want to write about.

I quickly wanted to say how much the Haiti earthquake has affected me. It has broke my heart and I have been watching CNN pretty much non-stop for a week. I love those people and wish I could do more to help them. I pray for them day and night and believe that despite the looks of it, God has not forsaken them and miracles will continue to happen now and in the future.

I was especially touched by this particular couple I saw on CNN. Aaron Ivey and his wife Jamie were one month away from getting Amos a child they were adopting from Haiti before the earthquake hit. They were grateful to find out that their little boy, Amos, was alive and in good hands. Now it's just getting him to them. I have been so frustrated to see how many orphans had homes waiting and now because of what has happened, they are stuck there. The government has already scratched some of the paper work for a few handfuls but they need to do it for all of them. Is it okay to let them starve and die instead? Take care of the finished paperwork at a future time, but get those children into safe homes!

Their story

Aaron Ivey is a musician and wrote this song for Amos. (How cute is Amos? That smile!) I love this song! I'm praying for them as I am for their whole country...every man, woman, and child.
Amos's song