Saturday, February 13, 2010


If you haven't heard the new "We are the world", you should. I remember when the first version came out. I was in the car with my older sister headed to her first home to have a sleepover and it came on the radio. I remember just LOVING it. And being the fan of Michael Jackson that I was, it made it even more special. I went out and got the cassette asap. :)

Now, all these years later as we all are praying and hoping for the people of Haiti, this came at the perfect time and I believe it was heaven sent. I wasn't expecting the old clip of Michael singing, and of course I teared up. The only thing that I wish the video had, was Michael Jackson's children singing in it. I thought that would have been really neat to have his kids a part of the chorus. Anyhow...I really like it. Props to all to contributed it, especially the direction of Lionel Richie. Enjoy!