Sunday, June 27, 2010


I heart you bed!

Oh my GOSH!  I am in love with this bed.  I want it...I covet it...I want someone to rock me to sleep in it.  (what if this was the answer to all my sleeping problems?) I also want to get rid of the ugly maroon get up and trade those colors and style for something closer to my taste.  Of course this beauty is made in Germany...where all brilliant minds come from!  My friend Markus is into this kind of thing...or was...and he made the sweetest bed out of well...I can't explain it.  But the whole bottom of the bed lit up!  I need to ask him for a photo of it.  Anyhow...all I can say is, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" ???

Ps. If I ever get my wish, I will become the queen of meditation!
Pss. Whenever I've been on a cruise, I sleep like a dream!  So I'm not worried about getting sea sick.