Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*Dancing under a million starz*

This photo was taken by one of my very best friends, Valerie Haskin. It was taken in the middle of Arches around midnight. Not a single sound but the clicking of cameras and some music. :) We had Wayne's headlights on us and the music from our car blaring. Some had their cameras ready to catch the lighting and the stars...and some of us...well, me and Christine decided to dance instead! So under this majestic sky, we lost ourselves in the beats of the 80'z and 90'z and even pulled out all the moves from the dance scene in Footloose!! A night to remember? You have no idea. I will never forget it! And my friends got amazing shots! In Valerie's own words,

"One of my favorite photography moments...every time the lightning lit up the sky we all cheered with delight because we "captured" it."

We also captured happiness and I captured peace of mind and gratitude for my Father in heaven and his beautiful world. Oh and some seriously awesome moves! ;)