Thursday, July 15, 2010

*Have you ever seen anything so beautiful...*

Okay...I will get back to the first journal entry I found and meant to write about later.  It's going to take too long for now.  But tonight I grabbed a journal from 1999.  I didn't look for today's date but just opened it to see where it would take me...and this is what I read,

Febuary 7, 1999

"I'm at the Marriott Center right now sitting about the 5th row up in portal Q. And across the way, probably in portal F is my little sister, Jen. I can see her from here! There are probably around 20,000 people here for the fireside to see and hear Elder Thomas S. Monson of the Quorom Of The First Presidency Speak to us. How strange that I can see my sister! She shines! I like to watch her smile and talk with her friends. She's sitting in the deaf section because her friend Brian is friends with a lot of the deaf young adults."

As I read this...of course I got choked up. I had forgotten about this (do you see how amazing keeping a journal can be?) and it tugged at my heart.  I had looked across a huge stadium and saw MY sister amongst thousands of people.  What are the odds?  There were was by the Lords hand.  He showed me my sister...and truly her light shined.  The quote I have loved so much all my life applied much to me that night and still does.

"Have you ever seen anything so beautiful, as when a face lights up in a crowd just for you!"  She had no idea her spirits light was lit just for me that night...that I could see her and be so proud that she was MY sister.  There was nothing more beautiful.  What a great memory. :)

Side Note:  Here are a couple notes I took from the fireside.

"We cannot ask God to guide our footsteps unless we are willing to move our feet."

"You can win your race.  The Eternal "Score Keeper" is and I don't run alone."

"We tend to become like those we admire."

"The door of history turns on small hinges."

"Do not take counsel from your fears...whom God calls...God qualifies."

"Compassion is not weakness and violence is not strength."