Friday, September 17, 2010

*I just can't shake it...but I HAVE to*

I heard a U2 song from this guy on YouTube a couple years ago and I thought it was amazing how he orchestrates them in this unique instrumental style.  This is his newest and I just heard it an hour ago.  I think it's great.  I've heard "With or without you" a million times and it never gets old...but this was a refreshing way to hear one of the greatest songs I've ever heard.  Not only that, it made me feel something I haven't felt in years...I don't really know how to say what that feeling is...but I think I'll try before this feeling leaves me.  This will not make sense to hardly you can just sit back and listen to this kool ten minute song or read along and be okay with it not making sense.

Things come full circle
Where once you were will be redeemed
God has heard EVERY prayer you have EVER made.
The sounding within ears reach...
Yes meant Yes and it was ALL real.
This is a powerful story...and it has an ending...and the ending is magnificent!
Suffering brings much that ONE voice can reach the end of the can change
The year of the rising sun must be seen on every continent
The air is empty and beyond silent...because you have to dig down deeeep and find it in yourself again.  You have to believe in those long drives...the walks...the ones you take alone and hear HIS voice.  Every song, every verse, every revelation, every word accompanied by the spirit of the Lord.  It is all the sound of victory!  It is the sound of one of the most meaningful stories that will ever be told....or ever be known.  Even if it's only for some ears to hear...and some eyes to see.  It is's is IS real.

I can't shake it...but I HAVE to.