Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, this will be quick because I'm not feeling so well.  Just got out of the hospital 3 days ago after an emergency surgery.  I woke up on the 16th in the worst pain.  I felt like someone had shot me in the stomach.  I paced my house for over an hour and once I couldn't got off my knees, I finally told my mom to get me to a hospital.  After a CT scan it was obvious that my intestines were twisted.  After a blessing and family prayer...I was on a hospital gurney on my way to surgery.  I was scared to death but knew after what they had told me that really this was life threatening.  To shorten the story, The procedure took four hours and had my family in a state deep concern, but I was blessed to have a successful outcome.  It could have been so much worse.  I will save most of the details, but they took about 8 inches of my intestines out and had to do a few other things.  Then they stapled me back up.  Yes, STAPLED me.  I have a lovely S shape on my stomach that makes me feel like the sorting hat (Harry Potter) put me in the "Slythern House" and branded me with their mark.  BOO!  Now I'm stuck with a lovely scar. :(  But I'm really not complaining, I'm alive.  On the exact same day, my cousin died of a drug overdose, he was not as lucky as I.  We are all broken hearted and continue to pray for peace and comfort over his family.  Life throws so many curve us cards we don't want.  I sure didn't want this.  It's an awful surgery, not mild.  The first two days we couldn't find a medication to stop the pain.  Not Morphine or anything.  I felt like I would die in pain.  By the end of the second day, they found something that helped, but NEVER really relieved it.  My sweet mother stayed by my side the whole time.  Even spending the nights with me.  I was scared and in pain, I wondered how I would heal.  But now that it's a week later, I'm doing much better.  I'm able to get up and around (slowly but surely) I have to hold my stomach to take deep breaths, yawn, cough, stretch, or anything like those.  Be GRATEFUL for those things.  And I'm starting to eat more than popsicles, pudding, and cream of wheat.  But I have zero appetite.  I've lost at least ten pounds and hope to get more of a desire to eat back soon.

Anyhow, thats the condensed version and really the other details are neither here nor there.  I'm thankful for so many people who prayed for me and sent such kind messages.  Also, I had a great staff at the hospital who looked after me, and I'm grateful for that too.