Monday, January 09, 2012

*Childish innocence*

This song is my boyfriend. He sings to me at night, dances with me in the kitchen, makes me smile when I feel like crying, makes me cry from laughing too hard, helps my "visions dance" and has even asked me, "will you be my girlfriend?" Who does that anymore? Here are two quotes in one;

"The world is full of guys, be a MAN! And yet... Never lose your childish innocence. It's the most important thing."

Kim Curtis= el soƱador

Ps. The lyrics say everything. They are PERFECT.

"there's a fawn with brown eyes
a broken hoof from brooklyn stars
a summer night
i dreamt i learned how not to speak,
let go of words,
let go of her - to let her be
there's a fawn in all my dreams,
i guard the sun,
i guard the moon - i don't need sleep
with my mouth i shake the leaves
your eyes get wide you want to leave
when i write my clumsy heart
will crack it's cage, shoot stars apart
last night i tore through the cupboards
the medicine already gone
i stumbled past the discovery
waiting and willing for dawn
i believe i know what's right
what comes into long brooklyn nights
with belief the moon will rise,
give to the shore then turn the tide
there's a fawn of city trees,
of sidewalk trees she won't belong,
no not to me."

By matt pond pa "Brooklyn Fawn"