Wednesday, January 25, 2006


(Kissing my U2 ticket ;)

Watching *My* band grow old

It's weird to watch your favorite bands grow old. Rumor has it that they are going to quit touring. U2 is *MY* band...and has been since I was around 14. A friend at that time gave me a copy of Joshua Tree and I spent that summer listening to them on my headphones, on the front of a boat, as my mother and father drove through the canyons of Lake Powell. Needless to say, I've never been the same since. And Lake Powell will never look the same again. :) The red walls of those canyons are filled with my young dreams and Bonos voice is cheering them on.
It really is hard to watch them grow old. This last tour "Vertigo" was amazing! And it would be hard to top it. But Bono looked tired. For the first time, to me, he looked old. But he sang like a dream and I have never loved him/them more. I guess you sometimes unconsciously think they are invincibile... and then one day you realize they are not.
Whether they quit touring or not...It's been a great ride and I'm sure they will continue to be the music of my life. Infact I know they will.


By Tim Cashmere
January 16 2006
"At a recent press conference, U2 guitarist The Edge has told journalists that U2 may stop touring after the current Vertigo world tour winds down.
Mr. Edge doesn’t believe the band can top the current tour, which he believes to be their best yet. While previous U2 tours Popmart and Zoo TV have been two of the biggest and most extravagant tours in history, the last two (Elevation and the current Vertigo tours) are much smaller, though with state of the art special effects.
“Bono has taken it to another level. I don't agree with everything, but I love that it's like a new paradigm, a different equation altogether." The Edge said.
This is another hint at the growing disdain the “other guys” in U2 are feeling for Bono’s political aspirations. Recently it was revealed that drummer Larry Mullen Jr. times Bono’s speeches with a stopwatch to stop him rambling on for too long.
Could the future of U2 lie in the balance? We’ll have to wait and see."