Tuesday, January 17, 2006

*WaRm AsyluM*

Warm Asylum....

Interesting way to start a blog. The word "Asylum" brings an immediate picture to the mind. Perhaps of a crazy mind....a mind gone mental under the pressures of the world or his/her private burdens. And then the thought turns to the place where they are locked up that they may walk around aimlessly and bang their covered heads on white walls in the restrictions of small rooms.
But being the person that I am...I have I taught myself to look deeper into words and meanings. I believe that exploring a thought or idea that seems to be SET or SOLID only brings on the treasures that could lie beneath. A definition I found on Asylum was this; A place offering protection and safety; a shelter. Seems to quickly change perspective. Add the word warm....and one may find a most comforting thought. A place of safety...where the temperature is just right and there is no fear. I long to find a place like this in my own life...and I long to provide a place like this with my friendship and love for all whom I come across. A Warm Aslylum is quite a beautiful thought.

(Photo Taken in January 2006/Highland Utah... by Mwah.)