Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I bet life would sure be different if we each had a chance to walk in anothers shoes. Or perhaps our perspectives would change in a hurry! We would be less critical...judgemental...assuming. Take for example, George W. Bush. Most of the world hates him. But if you walked in his shoes for even a small moment, I whole heartedly believe, a hardened heart would be softened. And perhaps you might see him for who he really is. A very human man, just like YOU and I! But someone who has tried with all of his soul to do the best thing. To do the best of his ability. Thats what we are all trying to do, eh? Do the best we can in this life. Take the position we have and try in our weaknesses to serve our fellowmen and our God.

God bless you, George W. Your a good soul!