Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I remember hearing my Institute teacher recall a moment when the Savior spoke to one of his apostles. His Apostles righteouss desire to protect the Savior in his greatest hour was good and noble. But the Lord needed him to stay alive and stand for Him in this world of caos. I don't know where this story is..or the details...I just remember my teachers words..."You must endure the night". Which to me says; you MUST endure your personal shackles, darkness, pain, and live for TRUTH. To live for a man who gave everything that we might not suffer as he did. A man who loved so purely and suffered the most horrific pain of all time. We MUST live for Him.

I don't see very many people living for him anymore. Infact, I don't see anyone who really spends even a drop of their time thinking about him or his life. I have to ask myself, how often do I think of him? How often do I stand up for him? And do I live the way he taught me to live? I think it's become easier to shake my fist at the sky rather then kneel down and talk to him like a friend. Perhaps to let him know...that his life means something to me. That it was not in vain. At least not for me. I don't want to sit on the fence. Thinking of him in the Garden of Gethsemane, as he bleed from every pore. And I think "One of those drops was for me...." And somehow it makes everything different. The way I LIVE is important. I MUST endure MY night. My bad days, my heartwrenching experiences, my sorrows. I must live.