Friday, June 09, 2006


After five years of marriage, my little sister, when given a pen and something to write on...STILL doodles her husbands name. I love it. I smiled when I saw her do this. In my opinion, it is something to be noted.

Love is so is so precious. Especially when it's real and it is a pure love. My sister has something remarkable with her husband. First and foremost they are best friends. They have so much respect for eachother and that respect is shown on a daily basis. He has never raised his voice to her. I have seen him on more than one occasion get choked up at telling her goodbye when one or the other had to leave out of town. They hate to be seperated. She is constantly thinking of thoughtful things to do for him and she truly creates a haven for him to come home to everyday. They work together. They cry together. They laugh together.

I was just thinking of a time when they stayed at my house. I could hear them downstairs laughing their heads off. I soon heard my cell phone ring. I answered to find my brother in law calling from downstairs. In a fit of laughter...he asked if I could come down. When I arrived at their door...I found them in hysterics. Joe was barely able to spit out the words "Thank you for letting us stay could you turn out the light for us?" And then ANOTHER fit of laughter. Come to find out..they were both too tired to get their butts out of bed and turn it off. They had been "fighting" in their non-angry way about why the other one should turn out the light. Joe had the bright idea of calling ME to resolve the problem. I told them they were nerds and then turned out their damn light! I shook my head and laughed as I walked back upstairs. They are fun. They enjoy eachother.
They are a beautiful example of what love is. Their example should be commended. It certainly is by me.