Saturday, June 10, 2006


(June 3, 2005 Transfer from old blog)

WHO in the world would drive over an hour up the canyon, to some random place, lay down on a blanket in the middle of the night and shoot paint balls up into the sky, ONLY to hope one might land directly on them???
I DO! And I DID! Mostly because my date told me to!! And it was good fun! Ha! The Majestic Mountains, starry sky, and only the sound of paintguns being shot several dozen rounds into the darkness! Two nerds lay on their backs and laughed their guts out! Sometimes we hid under the blanket in fear, sometimes we dared each other to "Keep your mouth open" while the sound of paint balls go whizzing up into the air...and come down with wind...not knowing where its final splat would be. We both got hit a couple times...and had a few close calls! Was it a laugh? Yes! Would I do again? Err… Probably not. :) (I don't want to shoot my eye out! And those things hurt like a MOTHER!)
Current Mood: silly
Current Music: Paradise by Nelly??? Ewww