Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Champagne Supernova

There is a very remarkable thing about finding a song that you love. The reasons could be countless to why you love it. Perhaps it’s the sound or tempo. Or the lyrics and the way it makes you feel. Maybe it’s all those things… along with the things that you can’t really put into words. For me, it’s usually the pictures or visions that come to my mind. Being a “Dreamer” by nature…visions can be conjured up in the mind quite easily. And so it has been with this particular song. “Champagne Supernova”

When I first heard it years ago, I thought of a champagne colored car flying through the air, and that’s about it. But recently, a whole new scene opened up. I could see all the times I was mocked for being the “good girl” in Jr. High and High school. All the times I sacrificed what I wanted ‘then’ for what I wanted in the future. The thousands of prayers offered up to God in behalf of that future…quietly hoping that He would someday honor those prayers. All the faith I showed through so many difficult moments of feeling abandoned and alone.
I see all those things. But then an important truth came to my mind. The law of the Harvest. It is a very real thing. This truth that you will one day “reap what you sow”. I believe in that.
And that leads me back to the song…” Someday you will find me…
caught beneath the a champagne supernova in the sky!”

A Supernova is this; “A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of most of the material in a star, resulting in an extremely bright, object, that emits vast amounts of energy” The word ‘Champagne’ only represents a color to me. Ironically, one of my favorites.
A Champagne Supernova is my moment to shine. It’s my moment to reap what I’ve sown. A new season of life, full of light, love, happiness, peace, and so many beautiful and BRIGHT things. It’s me saying, “It was ALL worth it”.

It’s a vision…that will soon become a reality. I have no doubt.