Friday, November 10, 2006


There are so many beautiful hearts in this world. Each filled with their own magic. The magic that comes from their personal experiences, their perceptions, their dreams and visions, their personal beauty. Nobody else gets to be you. Nobody else has your exact thoughts or your insights. But so many are afraid to share their hearts. They are afraid of what others might think. I realize that there are many things that are sacred and should be kept to ourselves. But I also have seen how other peoples hearts have affected mine. When they open their mouths in writing or speaking out...I am changed. Sometimes they plant seeds..sometimes they open my minds...sometimes they comfort me...sometimes they heal me....and sometimes they even move mountains that I am not able to climb on my own. We can carry eachother in this way. And so many of us need to be carried at various moments. I hid myself for so long. I hid my heart. The only one who knew my thoughts was God and my journals. And then one day I decided to give what was in me...away. That maybe my view of the world might help another. If more of us chose to do this, the world would radiate sunshine and conquer the darkness that surrounds us. I believe this with all my heart.