Friday, November 10, 2006


I watched "Instinct" tonight. I forgot how much I loved that movie. I cried like a baby. That movie says more than I could ever express in words...more than this world has the capability of saying. It speaks volumes about everything I want to be...everything that I want to learn. Compassion, kindness, forgivness, tolerance, hope, friendship, courage, understanding, empathy, and being brave. In a world of darkness & despair..everyone has power to protect the innocent and to love in a way that does not come from what society has taught. Love in it's purest form is the only thing that can defy the darkness. Sometimes you have to dig deep. You have to go to places you don't want to go. You have to open your mouth when you would rather be silent. And you have to walk forward when you would rather flee. I'm glad I saw the movie again. I am grateful for the reminder.