Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I have such a special and deep love for the Prophet Joseph Smith. My testimony of him is sure and steadfast. I have recently been reading much of his life, his character, and his words. Here are only a few of some of my favorite quotes.

"Knowing that though my visage be marred more than that of will be unseared and fair when archangels shall place on my brow the crown of martyr and king in a Heavenly world."

"A fanciful and flowery and heated imagination beware of; because the things of God are of deep import; and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. Thy mind, O man! if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broad expanse of eternity—thou must commune with God."

"That which is wrong under one circumstance, may be, and often is, right under another. God said, 'Thou shalt not kill'; at another time He said, 'Thou shalt utterly destroy.' This is the principle on which the government of heaven is conducted—by revelation adapted to the circumstances in which the children of the kingdom are placed. Whatever God requires is right, no matter what it is, although we may not see the reason thereof till long after the events transpire."

"[I]t is not always wise to relate all the truth. Even Jesus, the Son of God, had to refrain from doing so, and had to restrain His feelings many times for the safety of Himself and His followers, and had to conceal the righteous purposes of His heart in relation to many things pertaining to His Father's kingdom."

"If I revealed all that has been made known to me, scarcely a man on this stand would stay with me." and "Brethren, if I were to tell you all I know of the kingdom of God, I do know that you would rise up and kill me."

"Our heavenly Father is more liberal in His views, and boundless in His mercies and blessings, than we are ready to believe or receive; and at the same time more terrible to the workers of iniquity, more awful in the executions of His punishments, and more ready to detect in every false way, than we are apt to suppose Him to be...."

"If you do not accuse each other, God will not accuse you. If you have no accuser you will enter heaven. . . . What many people call sin is not sin; I do many things to break down superstition, and I will break it down."

"I am not afraid to die. Shoot away. I have endured so much oppression, I am weary of life; and kill me, if you please. I am a strong man, however, and with my own natural weapons could soon level both of you."

Joseph Smith.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


"But dignity and majesty have I seen but once"

The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt

(One of my favorite books of all time, and one of the most life changing books for me, on Latter Day Saint church history. This is a powerful excerpt that shows the very heart and character of Joseph Smith.)

Chapter 26
(Parley speaking of his experience with Joseph Smith as they were in the Richmond prison.)

[01] I must not forget to state that when we arrived in Richmond as prisoners there were some fifty others, mostly heads of families, who had been marched from Caldwell on foot (distance 30 miles), and were now penned up in a cold, open, unfinished court house, in which situation they remained for some weeks, while their families were suffering severe privations.

[02] The next morning after our dialogue with General Clark he again entered our prison and informed us that he had concluded to deliver us over to the civil authorities for an examining trial. He was then asked why he did not do away with the unlawful decree of banishment, which was first ordered by General Lucas, in compliance with the Governor's order, and which compelled thousands of citizens to leave the State. Or upon what principle the military power aided the civil law against us, while at the same time it caused our families and friends to be murdered, plundered and driven, contrary to all law?

[03] He replied that he approved of all the proceedings of General Lucas, and should not alter them. I make this statement because some writers have commended Clark for his heroic, merciful, and prudent conduct towards our society, and have endeavored to make it appear that Clark was not to be blamed for any of the measures of Lucas.

[04] The Court of Inquiry now commenced, before Judge Austin A. King. This continued from the 11th to 28th of November, and our brethren, some fifty in number, were penned up in the cold, dreary court house. It was a very severe time of snow and winter weather, and we suffered much. During this time Elder Rigdon was taken very sick, from hardship and exposure, and finally lost his reason; but still he was kept in a miserable, noisy and cold room, and compelled to sleep on the floor with a chain and padlock round his ankle, and fastened to six others. Here he endured the constant noise and confusion of an unruly guard, the officer of which was Colonel Sterling Price, since Governor of the State.

[05] These guards were composed generally of the most noisy, foul-mouthed, vulgar, disgraceful rabble that ever defiled the earth. While he lay in this situation his son-in-law, George W. Robinson, the only male member of his family, was chained by his side. Thus Mrs. Rigdon and her daughters were left entirely destitute and unprotected. One of his daughters, Mrs. Robinson, a young and delicate female, with her little infant, came down to see her husband, and to comfort and take care of her father in his sickness. When she first entered the room, amid the clank of chains and the rattle of weapons, and cast her eyes on her sick and dejected parent and sorrow worn husband, she was speechless, and only gave vent to her feelings in a flood of tears. This faithful lady, with her little infant, continued by the side of her father till he recovered from his sickness, and till his fevered and disordered mind resumed its wonted powers.

[06] In one of those tedious nights we had lain as if in sleep till the hour of midnight had passed, and our ears and hearts bad been pained, while we had listened for hours to the obscene jests, the horrid oaths, the dreadful blasphemies and filthy language of our guards, Colonel Price at their head, as they recounted to each other their deeds of rapine, murder, robbery, etc., which they had committed among the "Mormons" while at Far West and vicinity. They even boasted of defiling by force wives, daughters and virgins, and of shooting or dashing out the brains of men, women and children.

[07] I had listened till I became so disgusted, shocked, horrified, and so filled with the spirit of indignant justice that I could scarcely refrain from rising upon my feet and rebuking the guards; but had said nothing to Joseph, or any one else, although I lay next to him and knew he was awake. On a sudden he arose to his feet, and spoke in a voice of thunder, or as the roaring lion, uttering, as near as I can recollect, the following words:

[08] SILENCE, ye fiends of the infernal pit. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you, and command you to be still; I will not live another minute and hear such language. Cease such talk, or you or I die THIS INSTANT!

[09] He ceased to speak. He stood in terrible majesty. Chained, and without a weapon; calm, unruffled and dignified as an angel, he looked upon the quailing guards, whose weapons were lowered or dropped to the ground; whose knees smote together, and who, shrinking into a corner, or crouching at his feet, begged his pardon, and remained quiet till a change of guards.

[10] I have seen the ministers of justice, clothed in magisterial robes, and criminals arraigned before them, while life was suspended on a breath, in the Courts of England; I have witnessed a Congress in solemn session to give laws to nations; I have tried to conceive of kings, of royal courts, of thrones and crowns; and of emperors assembled to decide the fate of kingdoms; but dignity and majesty have I seen but once, as it stood in chains, at midnight, in a dungeon in an obscure village of Missouri.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Champagne Supernova

There is a very remarkable thing about finding a song that you love. The reasons could be countless to why you love it. Perhaps it’s the sound or tempo. Or the lyrics and the way it makes you feel. Maybe it’s all those things… along with the things that you can’t really put into words. For me, it’s usually the pictures or visions that come to my mind. Being a “Dreamer” by nature…visions can be conjured up in the mind quite easily. And so it has been with this particular song. “Champagne Supernova”

When I first heard it years ago, I thought of a champagne colored car flying through the air, and that’s about it. But recently, a whole new scene opened up. I could see all the times I was mocked for being the “good girl” in Jr. High and High school. All the times I sacrificed what I wanted ‘then’ for what I wanted in the future. The thousands of prayers offered up to God in behalf of that future…quietly hoping that He would someday honor those prayers. All the faith I showed through so many difficult moments of feeling abandoned and alone.
I see all those things. But then an important truth came to my mind. The law of the Harvest. It is a very real thing. This truth that you will one day “reap what you sow”. I believe in that.
And that leads me back to the song…” Someday you will find me…
caught beneath the a champagne supernova in the sky!”

A Supernova is this; “A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of most of the material in a star, resulting in an extremely bright, object, that emits vast amounts of energy” The word ‘Champagne’ only represents a color to me. Ironically, one of my favorites.
A Champagne Supernova is my moment to shine. It’s my moment to reap what I’ve sown. A new season of life, full of light, love, happiness, peace, and so many beautiful and BRIGHT things. It’s me saying, “It was ALL worth it”.

It’s a vision…that will soon become a reality. I have no doubt.

Sunday, June 18, 2006



REFLECTION~ I just realized that today is Fathers Day. And what a perfect time to recognize the man who probably get's the short end of the stick every Fathers day! HEAVENLY FATHER. The greatest Dad...I could ever hope for. Your my Best friend!



Here it is 3am...and my friend just sent me this song out of the BLUE! The Irony is that it came at the most perfect and precise moment. He even gave these PROFOUND words to go along with the song..."Jealousy's a bad, bad thing."

Sometimes I think that God has such a funny and endearing sense of humor. :) This wonderful way of communicating with His children on a level that they can understand and relate to.

(Thanks for your intuitive ear, Dainon, I bet you had no idea! This turned my frown upside down. :)


I was dreaming of the past
And my heart was beating fast
I began to lose control
I began to lose control
I didnt mean to hurt you
Im sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didnt want to hurt you
Im just a jealous guy

I was feeling insecure
You might not love me anymore
I was shivering inside
I was shivering inside

I didnt mean to hurt you
Im sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didnt want to hurt you
Im just a jealous guy

I didnt mean to hurt you
Im sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didnt want to hurt you
Im just a jealous guy

I was trying to catch your eyes
Thought that you was trying to hide
I was swallowing my pain
I was swallowing my pain

I didnt mean to hurt you
Im sorry that I made you cry
Oh no, I didnt want to hurt you
Im just a jealous guy, watch out
Im just a jealous guy, look out babe
Im just a jealous guy

Currently listening:
Imagine / Jealous Guy
By John Lennon
Release date: By 15 March, 2005

Saturday, June 10, 2006


(June 3, 2005 Transfer from old blog)

WHO in the world would drive over an hour up the canyon, to some random place, lay down on a blanket in the middle of the night and shoot paint balls up into the sky, ONLY to hope one might land directly on them???
I DO! And I DID! Mostly because my date told me to!! And it was good fun! Ha! The Majestic Mountains, starry sky, and only the sound of paintguns being shot several dozen rounds into the darkness! Two nerds lay on their backs and laughed their guts out! Sometimes we hid under the blanket in fear, sometimes we dared each other to "Keep your mouth open" while the sound of paint balls go whizzing up into the air...and come down with wind...not knowing where its final splat would be. We both got hit a couple times...and had a few close calls! Was it a laugh? Yes! Would I do again? Err… Probably not. :) (I don't want to shoot my eye out! And those things hurt like a MOTHER!)
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THE WEATHER MAN SUCKS! (June 26, 2005 'Transferred from old blog')

Saturday...June 25th "High Sunnn!!!!" Yeah baby! Wyatt and I had been planning on swimming all week! Tanned up! Lotioned up! Swimmies on! We both were so excited, we even talked about getting floaties to put on our we could feel like little kidz!(NEVER TRY THIS!) As soon as I pulled up at his house...the smile faded from our faces as we watched the storm clouds appear and begin to pour down buckets of water. High Sun? Did he say HIGH SUN??!! What a bunch of CRAP! Is it just me, or is there a big difference between High Sun...and rain & Lightning boltzzzzzzz? I wasn't happy. Wyatt wasn't happy. WE WERN'T HAPPY! So much for Floaties!

What was the alternative plan? SAVERS!!! And oh what treasures we found today! Let's just say the upcoming "SOLID GOLD" photo shoot is gonna "Rock ya like a hurricane!" YEAH YEAH YEAHHH!

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"A PURPLE MARTINI" (Taken from an old blog of mine. June 21, 2005)
Swimming pools! Oh how I love them! The smell of Chlorine and suntan lotion is nothing short of a lovely dream for me. My fondest memories as a child are of me and my friend Tammy swimming and eating snow cones, cotton candy, or any treat that would rot our teeth out!

Today...I returned to this old love by going to a swimming pool with my sister. Not the same pool as younger years...but a pool with same smell and color. We laid our towels down and quickly noticed a larger woman with Down-Syndrome next to us. She smiled this bright smile and asked if we would watch her towel while she went for a swim. Of course we said yes. 20 minutes later...she returned with her same bright smile and her bright purple swimming suit! (Something I had not noticed before.) My sister asked her if she had a good swim? She said yes like a child…and then began a conversation that could have only been heaven sent!
We quickly learned of her boyfriend Jim...and how she is secretly engaged! The ring is hidden in a box with a lock and key...and she’s keeping it a secret! We learned that her favorite color was "purple" We learned of her friday night dates and how she wanted to buy a "purple" bikini so that she could show it off to her boyfriend (With this information, she did a little Shimmy dance.)

My sister and I began to have raised eyebrows as the information got more and more explicit! She emptied her bag and showed us her game boy that had a strawberry shortcake game! NICE! My kind of girl! And then her "purple" cd walkman which included such cds as "Tammy Wynette" and "Kid rock!" I had no response to that toxic mixture of music...but I forced the word "Kool" out of my mouth.
Then the classic moment came. She told us all about her Hawaiian birthday party and how she had champagne and a MARTINI! She said.."It made me feel goood.....It made me feel REALLY gooood!" By this time I had bitten a hole through my tongue and was more then delighted with this sweet and funny girl. When her dad came to pick her up....she stood and did a little twirl in the air....her purple suit flying around with her...and her Strawberry colored hair dancing in the sunlight.

At that moment, I thought, "She is magnificent! Life is beautiful to her!!" And I felt a little shame that I did not see the world as she saw it, that I don't talk to a few more strangers and brighten their lives and she had mine....She was a walking, purple, beautiful dream!
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Friday, June 09, 2006


After five years of marriage, my little sister, when given a pen and something to write on...STILL doodles her husbands name. I love it. I smiled when I saw her do this. In my opinion, it is something to be noted.

Love is so is so precious. Especially when it's real and it is a pure love. My sister has something remarkable with her husband. First and foremost they are best friends. They have so much respect for eachother and that respect is shown on a daily basis. He has never raised his voice to her. I have seen him on more than one occasion get choked up at telling her goodbye when one or the other had to leave out of town. They hate to be seperated. She is constantly thinking of thoughtful things to do for him and she truly creates a haven for him to come home to everyday. They work together. They cry together. They laugh together.

I was just thinking of a time when they stayed at my house. I could hear them downstairs laughing their heads off. I soon heard my cell phone ring. I answered to find my brother in law calling from downstairs. In a fit of laughter...he asked if I could come down. When I arrived at their door...I found them in hysterics. Joe was barely able to spit out the words "Thank you for letting us stay could you turn out the light for us?" And then ANOTHER fit of laughter. Come to find out..they were both too tired to get their butts out of bed and turn it off. They had been "fighting" in their non-angry way about why the other one should turn out the light. Joe had the bright idea of calling ME to resolve the problem. I told them they were nerds and then turned out their damn light! I shook my head and laughed as I walked back upstairs. They are fun. They enjoy eachother.
They are a beautiful example of what love is. Their example should be commended. It certainly is by me.