Sunday, April 27, 2008


Okay, I'm the first to admit that I like magazines like "People" & "Us"...and of course the style edition of People. (Gotta keep up with some current looks!) My sisters, mom and I, love this crap. One of our greatest joys is to sit around together and read these. We all have flaws right? So, why do we like it? Well for more than one reason, but sometimes one of the funnest things is to see how retarded movie stars really are. Today I found two of the most classic photos ever. And they will show you exactly what I mean. First one is of Gweneth Paltrows horrific GOLD shoez and then Mary Kate Olsens Star Wars/Transformers/Gold & Black bullet proof coat! It is the winner of the year!
Are these guys smoking crack?! Okay we know Mary Kate is...she checks into the Cirque Lodge in Utah on a yearly basis...heaven help her. But come on, Gweneth! You have more class than this. Sometimes I get so embarassed for them! You know the guy standing next to Mary Kate is thinking, "That jacket is the most hideous thing I have EVER seen, but I'll never tell you because you are paying me a pretty penny to be your body guard!" Anyways...they are a good laugh and in my opinion, worth blogging about! Check, Check, Check it out!!! hahahha