Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have such a deep & special understanding of why the Lord put animals on the earth. I always wish that people who do not have a love for them...might someday have their eye's opened, as I have, to know who they really are and their divine purpose on the earth. I thank Heavenly Father for them...especially the ones I've been given.

Each of my kitty's have played a different role to me. Their spirits and little personalitys are so different. I've had, Lily, 7 years now. She is the sweetest & tender hearted of them. When I'm having a rough day and usually crying, no matter where she is in the house she will be next to me in seconds. She usually curls up next to my face and lays her head on my shoulder or just rests her head on me and looks at me. She then takes her paws and usually trys to rub her paw up and down my face. I'm not kidding about this. I've never seen or known an animal to do such a thing. Just like a friend who would wipe away tears...she literally trys. Sometimes her claws come out and she suddenly becomes "Lily Scissorhands" but she try's so hard not to and usually succeeds. It's amazing to me. And truthfully, she becomes a healing balm to my wearied mind and soul. I am usually able to calm down and I realize that she is truly heaven sent just for me.

Whenever I think or hear the scripture in Matthew 6:28 "Consider the Lilies of the field..." I think of her. Also, for some reason, when I hear the song "Strawberry Fields" by the Beatles...I also think of her. So that is her little name, Lily Stawberry Fields. :) I needed her today...and she as always was there.
I'm adding a link to an acoustic version I found of "Stawberry Fields Forever" just for fun. :)