Thursday, April 03, 2008


Today a friend of mine went through a really rough morning. I mean really rough! When he shared what he had been through, my heart ached for him and wished there was something I could do to relieve his pain. Prayer was my only option. And I did pray...with all my heart and told him so. It wasn't more than an hour later when he wrote me and said, "I am feeling so much better! You have faith to move mountains." The words were kind of ringing in my ears and I thought about that. I do have that faith...but it has come at such a heavy price. The kind of price that not a single soul would ever be able to understand or comprehend. Only God himself will know my story. Thankfully He does know. He knows the price I've paid in behalf of others and the price I continually pay for those I love. Sometimes I wish people did know my journey through this life so far...not for any other reason but understanding. It's so easy to look at me and paint a picture of who you might think that I am. Or perhaps even a judgement call on my circumstances. But I've come to realize that THAT understanding will never be. Our journeys are not always televised on Oprah or before a congregation. But the king of all kings and the master of the universe stands on high and knows all of our stories. It will be only his tongue that can speak of the love, the sacrifices, the pain, the sorrow, the darkness, and our walk through the woods of life. I hope I get the oppertunity to hear the stories of so many people. And I hope someday I appreciate the price I personally was asked to pay for the faith that I have. Oh how heavy it has been. As for now, I put one foot in front of the other and hope that my small offerings, with the small strength that I have, will help it did today.
(I took this photo in October 2007 in Alpine Utah)