Tuesday, July 01, 2008


There is no need for me to express or explain my love for animals. Everyone knows that I'm "The cat lady" and most people know my level of sensitivity when it comes to them. I'm a true supporter of "PETA" (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) I can't bare the thought of any animal suffering.

With that much said, I would like to share a brief story about an alley cat/stray that came around my house a few months ago. I started noticing him on my porch at night. When I would come out, he would run away and then look back at me. He was always dirty and roughed up a little. I felt sorry for the little guy. I decided to leave a little food & water for him outside everynight. Pretty soon he started to let me pet him....and then my heart, of course, loved him more. I even gave him a name, Azure. :) From that moment on he was always at my door, same time everynight.

A few months went by and I decided one night that I should try and clean him up a little. I took some kitty wipes and wiped him off as best as I could. At this moment, I saw two little girls across the street staring at me. One little girl said to the other "Is that a wolf?"...I said out loud, "No he's a cat"...the girls said something to eachother and continued to stare. The next thing I know, they are walking across the street towards me. As they drew closer this was our conversation,

ME: This is a stray cat I found." (still assuming they thought I was petting a fox)

Little girl: Actually that's my cat. I got him for my 8th birthday.

Me: *Blank stare with a raised eyebrow* This is YOUR CAT?

(Then all the sudden Azure made a run for it and darted into the night)

Me: I thought he was a stray and I have been feeding him for a few months.

Little Girl: It's okay, he's an outdoor cat and my parents won't care.

Me: Does he have a name?

Little Girl: Yeah, it's Bob.

Me: BOB!!??? His name is Bob?!

Little girl: (she nods her head)

Me: Where do u live?

Little girl: Across the street

Me: Does he let you hold him?

Little girl: Yeah, except for just now. (She laughs)

Me: Well thanks for letting me know.

Little girl: sure!

End of conversation.
The little girls skipped off and I was left with only my thoughts. That little stinker! He totally deceived me! He came along all dirty, with a innocent meow, and sad eyes. Sweet little Azure is "BOB" and here he was getting double meals everyday! (I know he's treated well because the family loves animals and they are really nice people.) I can just hear "BOB" after I shut the door everynight from feeding him, "Sucker! heh heh"

"BOB" is now on a DIET. I will still be nice to him, but his bowl, from now on, will not be overflowing with milk & honey! I will allow him to be treated like a handful of the guys I've dated...kicked to the curb for being IMPOSTERS. :)

btw, this picture is the very night he was "Caught in the act." His face say's it all. ha!

End of story. :)