Monday, July 21, 2008


(My personal opinion starting at top of page)

1- What in the "H" are those shoes? Not only is "Osama 'bin Shoppin'" wearing them, but so is everyone else. I think my sister might have had a similar pair in the 80's and I guarantee I thought they were horrible then too.

2- The beaded/braided headbands. Unless you or I are Indian princess's, NO one should be allowed to wear these.

3-Bug eye/Humongous glasses. I know how many of you have these and at the risk of offending you, they are hideous. If you want to use them instead of sunscreen, more power to ya. Obviously they cover up most of your face.

4- Leggings?! No, no, and NO! Everytime I see someone wearing these, I assume they are off to their ballet class.

5-High waisted "MOM JEANS." Don't you remember when your mom use to wear these high-waisted huggers? If your tempted to buy these, watch this!

6-And in the lead, comes the Trends of Katie Holmes. Not only is she responsible for the "Bang Movement" (I totally fell into that trap. Some of you look great with bangs, but I looked like I was 12!) And now she is attempting to bring back the baggy *Fold & Roll* Jean. Wow. I'm speechless. (Oh, I failed to mention the socks with the shoes!)

So, as your choosing which trends you would like to follow, I offer the words from the Prophet Jacob;

"Oh be wise, what can I say more?"

(btw, there is no mockery of this scripture. It happens to be one of my favorites and I think it applys to EVERYTHING! ;)